Our Services

Here at Northeast Alliance we offer local caregivers professional harvest and processing services. We use the highest quality equipment to provide our clients with a clean and consistent final product.

Pre-Roll Service

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We use the most up to date machinery supplied by Futurola for all pre roll processing. The Futurola Shredder uses a passive whipping mechanism which ensures the perfect consistency for pre-rolls. Using the Futurola Knockbox we accurately pack each pre roll with 1.1 grams of flower. Our experienced production staff inspects each joint to ensure the highest quality.

Trimming Service

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We provide our clients a full range of harvesting solutions from bucking to precision trimming. Our trimmers work fast and efficiently allowing us to offer competitive pricing. We offer hand trimming or machine trimming. All hand trimming is done over trim bins equipped with screens to collect all of your valuable pollen. Our workspace is vigorously cleaned after each new batch to ensure that there is never cross contamination between product.